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Our mission is to help you hear better.

Please read further to get a better understanding of how we help you.

  • Diagnostic Hearing Tests

    All Ages:   
    • Infants and Toddlers: Is there a hearing problem?
    • School children: Is hearing normal and listening developing properly? 
    • Adults: Has hearing been affected by noise or disease? Is hearing good enough for listening, remembering and interacting at work and with family?                
  • Hearing Aid Selection and Fitting

    For the majority of people with permanent hearing loss, the condition is not medically treatable, so a big part of the treatment is the use of hearing aids. Following the diagnostic testing to determine what kind of hearing loss you have, I talk with you to get a sense of how problematic the hearing loss is. Together, we determine if you need hearing aids now or if other strategies will work for a while. We then discuss the pros and cons of wearing hearing aids. If it is determined that you require hearing aids, we figure out the best option for you. Hearing aids vary widely in price, so we try to get the best model to suit your needs and budget.

    We then fit you for the hearing aids. We program the hearing aids to specifically fit your needs so that they are successful and comfortable for you. We follow up with you to ensure they are working properly. Hearing aids both amplify sound and process sound, so your hearing aids will need to be adjusted to fit your specific profile.

    Many people put off getting hearing aids for years. If you put it off too long, then it can be tough to get used to them. Hearing loss is usually gradual, so you may not notice it right away. It becomes apparent over time. We know now that hearing loss affects your memory as well as your communication. Using hearing aids protects your ability to discriminate speech.
  • Making Molds for Noise Protection, Swimming and Music
    We create special ear molds, particularly for musicians or others routinely exposed to loud sounds. Musicians molds “turn down the volume” while making sure the pitch is still correct. Standard molds to protect from noise or water are available. Molds for earphones and bluetooth devices can make them more comfortable and effective.
  •    Auditory Processing Testing
    I am a specialist in (Central) Auditory Processing Evaluation. I evaluate and treat both adults and children. The typical client is a school-age child who is having trouble with listening and understanding that is affecting reading and academics. 
    An Auditory Processing Disorder can be considered to be a learning disability. It is common, especially in younger children. The disorder is characterized by the inability of both ears to work together correctly. The brain must perceive very rapid sounds and compare them to ingrained knowledge about language. There are different types of deficits, and the disorder can be accompanied by various problems. Sound goes in your ears and travels back and forth along many circuits through your brain in order to process what someone is saying. When this does not occur properly, problems result, such as the following:
    • Trouble determining which direction sound is coming from. It takes both ears to analyze this information
    • Difficulty perceiving small timing differences; for example, discerning the sounds of letters which have similar sounds, like P and B or SH and CH 
    • Difficulty hearing pitch differences in sound
    • Difficulty hearing how long a sound lasts
    • Problems hearing in the presence of background noise
    When you need professional audiological services, count on the experience of Audiology Associates, led by Pauline G. Bailey, M.A., FAAA. We want to help you. Reach us by calling 203-322-2942.

Audiology Services:

Evaluation and Treatment. Evaluation of hearing loss. Establish rehabilitation plan that may include auditory training, hearing aids, assistive devices, prevention strategies, situation management or medical advice.

Evaluation of auditory processing. Determine if auditory processing problems exists, what type, and how to manage and remediate.

Hearing Aid Repairs, Supplies, Alternative Devices.


Very experienced audiologist and friendly, knowledgable staff. We accept most insurance plans and networks. We have flexible appointments and convenient pick-ups of supplies and repairs.

Audiologist is Board Certified by the American Academy of Audiology. Special interests are hearing loss in aging, comparisons of digital hearing aid technology, auditory processing in children and adults and evaluation of young children.

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